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Meet The Morning Show!


Hi Everybody! I am so excited to be a part of the BLI family! I may be new to BLI, but I am not new to Long Island. I am a native lawn-guy-lander who grew up in East Rockaway. I learned to body surf at Point Lookout, had my first kiss in Bayshore and was a Lynbrook cheerleader (Go Owls!) 

My first radio job was at LIR in Garden City when I was a wee thing. I have been in radio ever since. 

I love to talk about anything and everything that has to do with celebrities. It’s kind of my main thing. I hosted a TV show on VH1 with Scott Baio called Confessions of a Teen Idol, was on Dish Nation and worked for two years on The Tyra Show as her relationship expert. 

My celebrity obsession runs deep. I’m also part of US Weekly’s Fashion Police where I rip on bad celebrity outfits every other week (C’mon, why would you wear a see through shirt to the Oscars?!) 

Oh, and a few times a month you’ll see me on Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, The Insider and a bunch of other shows where I talk about the latest celebrity train wreck. I even wrote a book about it called The Cult Of Celebrity. My book did well but was by no means a bestseller. A fact my mother loves to remind me of, regularly. 

My favorite actress is Kate Winslett but my favorite movie is Mean Girls, which makes no sense at all, but thems the facts. My favorite TV show is The Walking Dead because I love the horror genre. 

I have an amazing boyfriend named Joe, but I wouldn’t pass up a date with Norman Reedus. I have a weird crush on Patrick Wilson, and Idris Elba is my ultimate man. 

I have a 96lb puppy named Marconi who is also a therapy dog. Even though he thinks the therapy is for him, we visit at children’s hospitals and are part of the R.E.A.D. program at local libraries. 

I like to swim and bike but hate running yet I do it anyway since I started doing triathlons in 2014. My first one was in New Jersey where I finished 8th in my age group (there were only 8 people in my age group). 

If you need me you can always find me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook!


I was born in St. Joseph, Michigan! In the 5th grade my teacher asked my class what everyone wanted to do when they grew up, and I said, "Radio". Many years and radio stations later (after a short career working for Atlantic Records in Manhattan) I was rocking the radio for the last 12 years in Charlotte, NC. Now I’m back with Cooper in Long Island! 

Cooper and I started our show together over 10 years ago, on the Syndicated Cooper Lawrence Show. It was heard on over 140 stations across the country. I’ve been referred to by Cooper as a "Man's Man".  

I'm an owner of a Harley Davidson, many tattoos, and a bass player for a rock band. I have two Gracie Awards, one Crystal Award for best radio show in the country, a Marconi Nomination, a Radio Ink "Program Director" of the year award, and a two time Greater Media employee of the year award.  

I’m looking forward to rocking Long Island!