Nothing makes us happier than chatting with Miley Cyrus! The singer stopped backstage to chat about her new single "Malibu" and the fun antics that go down with her little sis, Noah! "She's been doing promo for her new song, 'I'm Stuck,' and I've been doing promo for 'Malibu so we've just been in all different places," she said. "We're meeting up tonight and it's always really exciting when I get to share a show with her." Miley also chatted about The Happy Hippie Foundation and you can hear all about that when the full-length interview is released! Until then, be sure to tune into 106.1 BLI's Facebook Live stream!

Backstage before her performance, Noah Cyrus stepped in to gush about her big sister - and fellow BLI Summer Jam performer Miley - and how cool it is that the two are sharing the stage tonight! The 17-year-old also dished on her upcoming debut album and how she'd describe her singles as having a "different, yet cohesive" feel to them. "'I'm Stuck' just came out and that's more country-pop," she says. "'Make Me' is more emo-pop and 'Stay Together' is like a rock-pop song." To hear more from the talented artist, stay tuned for the full-length interview!
James Arthur was all smiles backstage when talking "Say You Won't Let Go" with us! "I just thought it would be a simple love song," he said. "I didn't know it would end up being everywhere." The singer also revealed that the song was never meant to be a single; until his record label pushed for it, "Say You Won't Let Go" was just going to be an album track! To hear more about his music and his favorite thing about being in New York, stay tuned to the full interview on 106.1 BLI!  Backstage, Tinashe couldn't stop gushing over her pup, Jazzy! Though she's back in LA, that didn't stop the loving dog mom from giving Jazzy a shout-out on BLI's Facebook Live stream! The singer also dished on her latest hit, "Flame," and how vulnerable she felt while writing it. "It's hard as an artist to tap into that kind of stuff because it's really personal," she says. "I really wanted to put out a record that was relatable to people so I had to tap into those emotions." To hear more about her single and how long it took her to record the track, tune into 106.1 BLI's Facebook Live stream!
Fresh off their debut BLI Summer Jam performance, FIYM made an appearance backstage to chat about being on stage. "The on stage experience was awesome," they shared. "It was insane; it was so energetic! The fans were going crazy." Emery, Ricky, and Liam put on quite the show with their killer dance moves: "Everything felt on point," they said. "We were getting hyped!" The boys also revealed that their families were out in the crowd to support them. To hear more from the talented threesome, stay tuned for the full-length interview!  While backstage, Sean Paul couldn't stop talking about his love for his fans! "It's all about the love for the fans and the love for the music," he said. When asked what advice he'd give to up-and-coming artists (like fellow BLI Summer Jam performer Noah Cyrus), Sean said it's all about doing it from the heart. "That's all I've ever and my true fans know that," he said. To hear more from him, stay tuned for the full-length interview - coming soon!
Backstage before her set, Sabrina Carpenter stopped by to talk about her two passions: singing and acting. "They're kind of similar," she says. "They help each other out. When you're alone in front of a camera, you're isolated and there's not a lot of people around. When I'm in the studio, it's also very isolated. I love how I can get completely different personalities and emotions across through acting and singing. I can get my stories across in music and other people's stories across in acting." To hear more from the talented actress (including her go-to summertime snack), stay tuned for 106.1 BLI's full interview!